Why is it so easy these days to rather send a heart and kissing face emoji than to call and say I love you? Or even type it out. The world is in such a rush we seem to be missing the small things…But aren’t the small things what makes life beautiful?

I took my cup of coffee and sat quietly drowning with all the thoughts in my head of the things I need to do. When I caught myself staring at those around me. There were many couples sitting together. What seemed to be a normal date, yet they are both on their phones. So I wondered, is it business? A side piece you’re making plans with later? A to-do list for the house? I don’t have a clue. Yet it had me thinking.

So like a stalker I just sat there watching everyone and without even realizing it, forgot to focus on my own stressors. I began to smile when I saw what looked like a couple engaging in conversation and really enjoying the company of one another. I continue to look around. People alone on their laptops. Doing what they need to do. Needleless to say I was bothered.

Time is promised to no man. Yet we believe it is our privilege. Why? Let’s take this topic deeper into relationships. Whether you have been together for 2 days or 20 years. Do you make an effort to notice and partipate in the smaller things? Do you communicate the way you should? Or is it too far into the marriage/relationship to address those issues now?

By smaller things I mean:

  •  Do you sit and have conversations anymore? Whether you are reminiscing about the old days or planning the future together to even discussing politics?
  •  Do you notice when either one of you come home looking a bit different than usual and actually bother to ask, what is it? All they could have wanted was probably you to notice their hair cut or new look. Did you?
  •  Do you sit and day dream together about anything and everything you want to do? Do you allow yourselves to wander in bliss together?
  •  Do you still do the same small things you did when the relationship started?
  •  Do you sit to discuss what may be bothering you and start to figure out a way together instead of apart?

Any relationship on its own is complicated. Nobody will ever tell you that it is easy, but are you putting in the work?

Don’t miss me when I’m right here means, don’t wait for things to go south and have no return and sit and yearn for the days when life was simple. Start making life simple now. For simple is bliss.

  • Notice one another every day. Ask how are you and mean it
  •  Acknowledge when you did not step up and find a solution
  •  TALK
  • People have different ideas of love. You decide, am I staying in this because I love the person or that I am still IN-LOVE? Don’t get it twisted. Those are not the same
  • Look at your partner and make sure that not a day goes by that you either don’t say thank, I love you, you’re just as beautiful as the first time I saw you.

Marriages and relationships are failing every day. The rate just increases. Do you want to be a part of that statistic?

Don’t let the hustle and bustle of life rob you from experiencing what you have right now.