First and foremost, the reason I became a Life Coach and Neuro Linguistics Practitioner  is because I was curious about the way people think. I learnt there is an art or even science in trying to understand the way in which people think and how they justify the decisions they make. Many a time I wonder to myself “ What on earth was that person thinking?” but I think I ask myself more often, what on earth I was thinking when I reflect on some of my previous distasteful decisions. My training has made me understand that nobody, I mean NOBODY can command the thoughts and feelings within you, except you.

Understanding why we make the choices we do and why we have certain belief systems in place makes it easier to know whether you’re actually aiding yourself towards achieving your goals and dreams or are you actually your own barrier. Belief systems don’t necessarily have to be religious or spiritual or moral, it can mean that you believe you will never be able to become an accountant because you failed that subject the first time around. Or you believe that you can never have the nice job fancy car and amazing marriage because someone told you that you weren’t good enough. And that subconsciously stuck, creating your limiting beliefs without you even knowing. These beliefs play out in our lives daily and only after paying closer attention will we realise what is actually benefiting or disabling us.

So as an Neuro Linguistics Practitioner I aim to help you realign your current thought processes and patterns so as to gear your mind toward your desired goal and life. This process is tailored to each individual based on their specific goals.

What I ask of you today is simple, start to realise that you have the full capability to command whatever it is you want in life. Change the habits that defeat you. Lose what drains you. Get rid of negativity. Stop assuming that taking time to get to know yourself and falling in love with yourself is a privilege, this is a priority.

For a week, I would like you to do the following:

  1. Take note of what makes you happy. Write it down everytime you feel it in your day, or whether you are already aware of it now. Now compare this to what you actually spend your time doing. Is there any relation?
  2. Notice how you make yourself feel. Are you kind towards yourself? Are you understanding? Are you critical and judgemental to yourself and if so how often?
  3. Everytime you feel angry,anxious,stressed or sad, try and identify what these triggers were as often as you can. Find out if there is a pattern amongst them.
  4. Take time to reflect and feel gratitude. Start each day feel grateful and each night reflecting on the moments of the day.

Now these may seem like a lot of work, however the aim is to show you exactly what you’re allowing to affect you. A process to start to know the real you. From this you can decide what behaviors or traits you would like to change. What can benefit you now to be one step closer to doing what you love.

Remember that you are only of limited use to the world if you chose to make your life an errand you simply need to run. The only way to become the best student,employee,mother, wife, or even person,  is to become the best version of you.