Humans are art. All humans hold beauty inside them. Sometimes we are lucky enough to call these humans our friends. Humility, ambition and dire strength. The trifecta of a powerful woman. I had the opportunity to make new friends and meet new people from all walks of life and was blessed to meet this beautiful soul who reminded me why simply being me wasn’t just enough, it was everything!

Many of us are where we are in life based on what we believe. It’s not only what we think we are on the surface, but what’s lurking in the shadows. Our subconscious.  Whether we are aware of it or not. If you’re not paying attention to the broken record that’s playing in the background “I’m not smart enough, I’m not pretty or skinny enough” you will engulf it as your reality. Imbedded in those thoughts are our TRUTH. We are the things we believe. So believe in your damn self. Authentic power is difficult to deconstruct into a basic meaning, well at least for me. There is a powerful feeling being authentic.

Here’s the thing though, we don’t always need to know all the answers. We will struggle, we will fail but we will prevail. Maybe we are capable of going through the motions ourselves, maybe we need the extra help. Either way, anytime you’re spending investing in yourself, is the most valued.

My one on ones’ or rather 500 to one sessions with this beautiful lady taught me so much, her insight and experience in her life provided me with so much wisdom and knowledge on how to handle my situations. I milked her for all the quick tips I could get.

Here’s what I have learnt:

  • Don’t be perfect: Embrace how imperfectly perfect you are. You’re already a dime. Dare to be vulnerable and explore what you desire to. There’s no room for improvement if you think you have peaked. We hungry for knowledge and become engrossed in the idea of self-empowerment.


  • Be present: It’s so easy to drift away with your thoughts into oblivion and not pay attention fully to something. Be present in every moment in your life, don’t wait for a moment to make something happen. Be the moment. Be the noise in the room. Make your presence felt by just showing up with a smile. Let your smile be the last thing people remember about you.


  • Support your self-esteem: It is hard to act in a way that is genuine to your personality if you doubt yourself. If you have some emotional baggage, give yourself the benefit of the doubt, take your time to deal and move on.


  • Think about your beliefs: Authentic people are in touch with their moral compass. Don’t try to adopt other people’s beliefs and try to make them fit your life. Figure out what works for you and stick to it.


  • You only have this life to live, make it count: Working with people every day makes you see the good, bad and the ugly. This is a privilege. This teaches you how to live as if you’re about to lose it all. Be the example you want people to see. Leave a legacy don’t be a mere memory.


  • Accept your flaws: “You are the universe in ecstatic motion-Rumi” You are here, alive, the way you are for a reason. Don’t look for faults and excuses, embrace what you have, embrace the now and make it work. You are the only one losing valuable time here.


  • There is nobody that is better at being you than you. And that’s truer than true.


“ The deepest principle in human nature is the craving to be appreciated” – William Jones